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WIZARD lounge chair

Over the past 20 years, the size of rentals has dropped almost in half, in most cases the dining space is simply omitted from the space program. The open concept plans has allowed the merger of the kitchen into the living area allowing an illusion of a larger space from two inadequately smaller spaces. 

In most cases the kitchen island is the main dining area and the living room is perfectly designed to the inch to hold a sofa a small coffee table and a TV stand with enough space in between to tiptoe in and out. Socializing in such spaces is a challenge, every one has at some point experienced the awkward moment when you pull a kitchen stool to join the guest but end up looking down on them. 

The remedy to this awkwardness is stowed away under the kitchen island.  Disguised as perfect kitchen stool but when called upon with a single swift movement, abra cadabra, it changes to a stylish and comfortable lounge chair, providing a comfortable seating and the full enjoyment of your guest's company. 

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