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frevent design at IDS2019

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Toronto interior design show - Studio North

frevent design was present in the Studio North section of the #IDS2019, at booth SN-12. we have previously participated in '08, '09, '10 and '18 editions. The show is always interesting and inspiring, it extends over four days, the party night, the professional day and two public days, each with it own flavor and dynamic. On the party night some of the visitors are more eye catching than the products being showcased, which is to be expected when you pack that many designers and design enthusiasts in one hall, add to that generous cocktails, cool music and you find some very interesting conversations and discussions blooming here and there. we love the party night!

The trade day is an opportunity to meet some very interesting people, the visitors are all people who are related to design industry one way or another, architects, designers, builders, manufacturers and anyone else who is in any way related to design and supply of home goods.

On this day we always have our most aspiring contacts, each visitor views the product from their angle of expertise, and provides feedback that either addresses a shortcoming or a enhancement that could be easily made, these feedback and comments are the most precious as each one of them can help make the product more user friendly and production ready .

In this edition of the IDS frevent introduced a series of 3D printed spring loaded lights. out of frustration of the classic spring loaded lights we decided to run an experiment and see how we can use the spring driven mechanism to make a light that stays where the user intends for it to stay rather than developing its own mind on where to rest.

We came up with three different iterations as a solution, each with its advantages and challenges, this was an experiment and work is ongoing to make further changes and develop a better product. The light is available for sale through frevent design, please contact us if you are interested in acquiring one.

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