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frevent is now at Studio City

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

We love our new location! The brick and lumber building has so much character and is so inspiring that its contagious.

We have started 2019 with relocation of our office to 366 Adelaide Street East at Studio City. We do miss how posh our previous neighborhood of Yorkville was but we are completely in awe of the new location. There is so much to discover in this east side of the city. As if the area was made with design studios in mind, all major furniture companies, kitchens and accessories have an outlet somewhere here around us. if the area was made with design studios in mind...

#Bulthaup, #ItalInteriors, #DWR, #Nienkamper, #EQ3, #MontaukSofa are few of the design showrooms located within a short walk with such interesting product lineups, morning walk from Union station to the office is going to be aspiring. It's very interesting how the city has transformed in the past 10 years. What seemed once so far and desolate is now a sprawling and interesting neighborhood. I recall working on EAST condominium when I was working at Architects Alliance, at the time the project felt like it was located at the other side of the world but now 10 years later it is just a step away in the east direction, there are so many new buildings built on this side that extension of the city east of Yonge street just seems seamless.

We have already settled in our new location and will be enjoying our new office and look forward to see you at our new office.

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